Using only PubMed – Intellectual Property and the FDA (Alzheimer)

You must have your own access to PubMed and have experience using PubMed.Questions to be answered: 1. Which disease are you investigating? You are investigating Alzheimer’s.2. How will you present your product to doctors and patients? Why is your product better than previous products? 3. What form does the drug or treatment take (pills, IV, aerosol)? 4. What do you think the likely dosing and frequency of administration will be (hourly daily, weekly, how much drug per dose)? 5. How might insurance companies view the product? Are they likely to see this as replacing an existing product, or is this a completely new form of therapy? Explain why the companies will see it that way. How does this change your potential marketing? 6. Based on FDA requirements, what key points of information will you need on your drug label, and how will this affect your advertising and marketing strategy? 7. What types of intellectual property do you see being developed for your product? Keep in mind this includes not only the drug but potentially the delivery system, as well as other types of IP for marketing purposes. When in the process will you start applying for intellectual property? 8. When in the process will you start applying for intellectual property? 9. What type of post-marketing studies do you anticipate doing? Is your drug something that would benefit from being available over the counter? If so, how do you intend to get it there? If not, is there any potential to grow the market for your drug? Rubric: – All references appear in ONE reference list at the end of the whole document. – The references in that list are numbered according to the order in which they are cited within the document.- The in-text citations appear simply as numbers to indicate which item in the reference list is being referred to.- The in-text citation numbering is continuous across the whole document; numbering does not start again for new sections.- If a reference is cited multiple times within the document, the SAME number is used to indicate it each time. This item appears only ONCE in the reference list at the end of the document.- In-text citations are included whenever a fact or opinion is included in the document that has been drawn from another reference. There MAY be multiple in-text citations per each answer, in which case they should be placed to indicate which part of the answer came from which reference. Simply including all your references in one go at the end of each section is NOT sufficient – we should be able to tell which individual paper each individual fact came from.”Scientific Writing” attachment is also a rubric. YOU ONLY USE PubMed for research. DO NOT USE WEBSITES OR ANY OTHER SOURCES EXCEPT PUBMED!!!!!!Do not restate the question. Do not put the question in the paper, simply answer the question in your own words using ONLY PubMed and reference the number at the end of the answer from wherever you got the answer from PubMed. JUST READ “SCIENTIFIC WRITING” presentation to help you with using references and citation etc..

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Using only PubMed – Intellectual Property and the FDA (Alzheimer)
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