Using a cell phone should be banned during driving.

 Cell phones have a wide range of uses in the modern society as compared to the older times. Today, people depend on communication via phones more than on face-to-face meeting in business and life agendas. According to Verderber R., Verderber K., and Sellnow (246), in span of 12 to 14 years that saw the society growth in cell phones use, the 4.3 million users as of 1990s grew to 168 million users in 2004, let alone the other unaccounted for period to 2012.The usage of hand cells increased tremendously in the last 15 years or less. technology advancement and world’s competitive nature has made it easier for almost everyone to own one today. However, despite modernization, it is a fact that any development to cell phones access in societies has resulted to more cases of traffic accidents connected to cell phone use, while on the roads. Teens and the young generation: In this information age, individuals as young as 12 or less have easy access to cell phones. Unlike before, phones have become cheaper that one could think, and they have no more value. Teens are more identified to use the cell phones to text, facebook, and twit others, as a form of communication more than calling. Lenhart states that American teens prefer texting messages as the basic form of communication, not just to their friends, but in general, and in their daily lives (16). Because of their developed habit of texting, there is a high tendency that they would do the same while driving. Actually, of most of them do not have a driving license, hence even lacking the basic knowledge of safety procedures and precautions while driving. If any habit is not controlled, the implications would be serious and most especially if it is negative conduct. The same case applies to the teens, who Vasquez states that 34 percent of them confirm to have sent text messages while driving ( Either they have no education on driving policies or they could be acting out of ignorance. Guardians also have lost control of their children, or are not doing enough to ensure safety precautions on the societies’ lives, plus those of their teenage children. A Research carried out expressed that every year 21percent of critical car crashes, where teenagers ranging from 16 to19 years old were involved, occured because of cell phone irresponsible use, which is anticipated to increase by 4 percent each year (“Statistics,” The young generation then becomes the highest risk drivers based on cell phone use while driving. Probably because of their age, they would also like to show off the modern package of communication and vehicle model that they are using. In the midst of their entangled behavior and age, they are then doomed to be involved in reckless driving either by calling, chatting, texting, or even surfing while driving. By introducing the ban, such irresponsible driving which can cause an accident by this group of people can be minimized. Technology and Smart phones: At different periods, new models of cell phones and other communication gadgets are invented to make communication easier, flexible and timely. Unlike before, where the main use was just calling and texting, cell phone assemblers and companies are currently competing to offer the best features to the product’s consumer. Phones come with inbuilt features for web connection, cameras, USB ports, advanced calling and texting modes, quick connectivity to twitter, facebook and other social programs, bluetooths and Wifi among other advanced features. All together, they form intelligent communication systems in a single full package. So, at what expense can a driver fail to use the features for his or her intended purpose knowing that they are readily available? Smart phones have a variety of advanced functions, though intelligent and easily made to control.

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 Using a cell phone should be banned during driving.
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