Urban Transport Crisis in New York City and Berlin.

Hi, need to submit a 3500 words paper on the topic Urban Transport Crisis in New York City and Berlin. The identification of the problems related with the urban transport policy of the above cities is followed by the presentation of cities which have introduced an effective model of urban transport policy and which could therefore operate as an indicator of the changes that should be made on NY’s and Berlin’s urban transport policies. A general reference to the urban transport policy and its structure in the European area has also be included in order to present issues that should be taken into account when re-designing the urban transport policy of Berlin and New York.

Description and general characteristics of urban transport in New York City

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Urban Transport Crisis in New York City and Berlin.
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New York City has adopted and applies a series of programs regarding the urban transport. More specifically, according to the official website [7], the local authorities have tried to resolve current problems regarding the public transportation by proceeding to specific measures, like the provision of seminars on Safety for pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists while the Traffic Safety is also taught in NYC Schools. Specific measures regarding the disabled have also been included in the City’s transport policy. On the other hand an advanced Traveler Information System has been introduced through which City drivers can be informed on the Traffic online through video from various locations in all City’s boroughs [7]. On the other hand, there had been specific provision for the provision of parking throughout the City (and its boroughs) and there is also a relevant guide provided to any interested driver. There are specific measures proposed for the safety in the Subway which are presented to the public through a guide published by the City Council.

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