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Write a 2 pages paper on robie house, university of chicago,frank lloyd wright. Robie House, of Chicago, Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright was born June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. During his early age his family moved frequently when he was 12 years old. He spent his summer vacations with his mother’s family in Spring Green. He was an outdoorsy boy and thus love to explore the natural beauty. In 1885 he graduated from Public High School in Madison. And due to his parents’ divorce he started practice with his studies with dean of the Engineering Department and assisted him in construction of Unity Chapel. This experience convinced him to adopt architecture as his profession and this was the right decision he made, that is which resulted in his successful career of building a lot of famous civil, commercial and public building. From his child hood aspiration of natural beauty he adopted prairie style of architecture. And for a lot of period before he got inspiration from Japanese art of architecture he built number of famous buildings the most famous among them are Robie House and Unity Temple in Oak Park. He brought a revolution in the field of architecture by building these places. Robie house was completed in the first decade of twentieth century. Other famous buildings that he made was his own house Taliesin which caught due to different reasons many times and rebuilt it again and again. The Taliesin was mixture of the prairie and modern style of architecture he obtained from his long experience. In 1915 he went to Japan on the request of Japanese emperor for building Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. He spent 7 years of his life here and a natural style Imperial Hotel was constructed in this period. The feature that become the reason of fame for him was that this building was “earthquake proof”. This was acclaimed by Frank Lloyd Wright after completion of the construction and was proved right after the earthquake struck of Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. The whole city was devastated except this building in the whole city. He in his life gave idea of new thinking in the field of architecture. The novelty of his ideas was the key to his successful works. He was a nature lover and believed in construction for pleasurable life of man. This fact is evident from his works all the buildings he constructed in the symbol of simple beauty. He was considered retired from profession after construction of Taliesin, but he came back to the profession dramatically by constructing Falling Water Residence in 1935 which was one of the masterpieces of his works.

The social conditions that influenced Robie House was that it is situated in a less crowded place having less neighbors that is why side walls was also constructed. Political conditions that influenced Robie House was the negligence towards its repair and maintenance by the authorities. Economic condition was that the person for whom it was constructed was not able to live in it for a period of more than 14 months due to his bad financial conditions, and only his name remains here after he sold it to another person.

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Wright designed Robie House as deviation from the conventional designs of a house that box containing small boxes for rooms. He integrated the house in three levels at top there was bed-rooms in the middle level there is kitchen and servants quarters this is beautiful part of the House with a line of rooms separated by fire place but seems adjacent. The rooms features wide space without walls allowing the noon sun to be absorbed by the inhabitants. The interior is designed in such a manner that offers open environment and privacy to inhabitants and an amusement to the outsiders.

Overall the Robie House is the master piece of twentieth century architecture and tact combination of interior and exterior that created a hall mark in the history of architecture. Although this building belongs to previous century but it gives inspiration of innovation in the field of architecture.


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