United States Department of Labors Website

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on United States Department of Labors Website. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It also keeps the country updated about the opportunities that you can gain in the working field. This website focus on issues like health plans for employees defines the minimum wage rates and overtime pay standard, hiring issues, current opportunities for the labor force, safety at the workplace, unemployment plans, etc.

&nbsp.All the above-mentioned features, which this website encircles, are important from the point of view of employee benefits. The minimum wage rates as stated here gives an insight to the employees that whether they are being paid fairly, or not. This minimum wage rate is of great significance to the employer too, as it helps them to retain employees. The study showed that long-term unemployment and low labor productivity are associated with low labor wages.(Mark D Partridgea, 2000). So it is better for the employer to give their employees the benefits that they deserve.

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 United States Department of Labors Website
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&nbsp.The unemployment plans that are mentioned on the website can be used effectively by the people who are unemployed. The unemployment plans imply only to those people in the workforce, who unemployed through no mistake of their own. There are various other eligibilities for this plan too.

&nbsp.There are various health plans given on this website which explain to the employees about their health service rights. These rights can be an inexpensive mean for the employees to remain healthy. The study shows that not just deprived health but continuous decline in health can be a major reason for retirement. (John Bounda, 1999). So it is better for the people in the workforce to avail such health facilities given by the government than to lead an unhealthy life, which can be a great loss to the employee as well as the economy.

&nbsp.This website has a separate section for the employer. In this section sufficient amount of information is stated, which can guide them about all the duties that they have as an employer.

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