United Healthcare.

Write 4 pages with APA style on United Healthcare. United Healthcare has developed various programs that will help in providing consumers of all ages and gender with health services. The programs include AmeriChoice, OptumHealth, and Ingenix (UHG, 2009). AmeriChoice is a program that the organization has developed to help low-income families to access health care at an affordable price. This program enables low-income families to pay for health services using any means that fits their economic well-being (Gray, Lowery, & Benz, 2013). This development will enhance low-income earners to access health services in the organization in the next decade.

The institution has also developed a program known as OptumHealth that helps employees who have health needs. This initiative educates the employees and it helps them to overcome chronic diseases (Miles, 2012). This program will enable all organizations to enroll their workers in the initiative to improve their health.

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A report by the United Healthcare organization indicates that at least 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 on a daily basis (UHG, 209). This has motivated the organization to develop a program known as Ovations, which helps individuals who are above 50 years to get the health care that they deserve. This initiative helps the aging members of the society to determine and access the health services that fit their personal needs.

The organization is also entering into partnerships with shopping centers and stores to increase access to health services. These partnerships enable the company to open branches in the shopping centers (Showalter, 2012). This will ensure that citizens access health education and services almost at their doorstep in the next decade and beyond this time.


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