Unit I Essay

Write an essay that discusses an important decision made by a business, government leader, or group. This can be something recent or something that happened long ago; it can be well-publicized or something you are familiar with personally.

Explain the decision by addressing the following questions:

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Unit I Essay
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1. What was the decision, and why was it made?

2. Was the decision strategic, tactical, or operational? Why?

3. What were the alternatives?

4. How was the decision made? For example, who was involved, what factors were considered, and how long did it take?

5. What was the outcome?

6. Was the decision effective? Why, or why not?

Your essay should be formatted in accordance with APA style, be a minimum of two pages in length , and reference a minimum of two sources. Be sure to consider the following in your essay: The introduction should engage the reader in the topic and clearly present a summary of the main points. The discussion should be appropriate and provide evidence of critical thinking. The organization should be clear and present logically arranged points. The writing should be clear and concise with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The number of sources used should meet or exceed assignment requirements. All sources should be academic in nature and be cited and referenced in (dAPA format

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