Unit Four Mini Project

Instructions: Reference Case 1.1 “Dell Direct,” a running case with real data on page 774. At the end of each Unit, prepare a report that answers the pertinent questions regarding the Unit content as it pertains to this Case. The questions applying to Unit Four are described in “Section 3 Body” below:

Write a 2.5 Paper in APA format (Not including abstract and conclusion)

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Unit Four Mini Project
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12 point Times New Roman font

Please cite the sources within the essay, and use the sources in the article. Will need at least 1-2 other sources to support your argument.

Below is a recommended outline.

1. Cover Page (See APA Sample paper)

2. Introduction a. A thesis statement

b. Purpose of paper

c. Overview of paper

3. Body a. Critically evaluate the Dell questionnaire using the principles discussed in Chapter 10 of the text.

b. Discuss the importance of form and layout in questionnaire construction.

c. Design a field work process you would recommend to Dell for gathering consumer behavior information using the text’s questionnaire in a computer-store intercept interviewing framework.

4. Conclusion – Summary of main points a. Lessons Learned and Recommendations

5. References – List the references you cited in the text of your paper according to APA format.

(Note: Do not include references that are not cited in the text of your paper)

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