Unit 2 Discussion: SQL String, Formatting, and Date Functions

Note: Read all instructions below before beginning this discussion.

This week you will be learning how to format and retrieve data stored in Oracle tables by utilizing specific string, formatting, and date functions. Visit About SQL Functions in Oracle’s Help Center and then review functions under the following categories:

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Unit 2 Discussion: SQL String, Formatting, and Date Functions
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  • Character Functions, Date Time Functions, and/or Conversion Functions
  • Pay specific attention to SUBSTR(), CONCAT(), LOWER(), UPPER(), SYSDATE(), CURRENTDATE(), TO_CHAR(), TO_DATE(), and TO_NUMBER()

Next, define the functions detailing specifically how it works.  Then you will need to utilize the function by creating your own scenario using your Oracle database records.  Create the SQL query and run it in your Oracle XenDesktop image to make sure that it works properly.  Upload your written scenario, SQL code, and resulting table data into this discussion forum for review and critiquing by your peers and instructor.

In your discussion post:

  • Describe how the function works. Provide a scenario and SQL syntax using your Oracle tables and records, and upload the resulting retrieved data into the forum area for review.
  • Be sure to choose a function that one of your peers did not already discuss.  If you need to pick a function that is not listed up above, please do so.  If you wish to use other Internet resources, cite your source in APA format and include the link in your post for review.

You must respond to at least two (2) of your classmates. Ask questions to get the conversation moving. To further enhance the discussion, return to your original post throughout the week and respond to a few of the comments and questions raised by classmates and instructor.

If you do not know anything about the topics being discussed, research and come back to the board. Remember to provide proper APA citation for any resources you use and make sure to include the source links. Remember to proofread and spell check your discussion contributions before posting. For more information about discussion grading criteria, visit Discussion Forum Participation Policies and Rubric.

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