Understanding How People Behave

Provide a 12 pages analysis while answering the following question: Understanding How People Behave. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In this assignment primary, secondary and tertiary sources are used for the research. A lingering question in regard to this case study is ‘does the environment that a person interacts with the effect the behavior of the particular individual?’

According to Eysenck (2014), for a psychologist to comprehend human behavior one must know that the behavior is caused by various elements (p.3). The various elements comprise of the recent encounters of a person, the particular stimuli accorded to an individual, the genetic inheritance, the psychological process, the social habitat, the cultural habitat, the previous life encounters that include childhood experiences, the personal qualities of a person which consist of mental health, intelligence and personality, and the cognitive process and this includes thoughts, memories and perceptions (Eysenck, 2014). All these elements are identified from the details of events in Tracy’s life for the duration of more than six years. The social identity theory is an essential strategy to the idea of self and self-esteem is an essential element of self-concept (Eysenck, 2014). Looking at Tracy’s life, there is a possibility of the girl growing up with low self-esteem. This may result in her getting involved with drugs or alcohol as a way of boosting her image which is wrong. Personal identity is founded on personal characteristics and relationships and involves the way we are different from other people (p. 422). As written by Mishra (2008), families vary to a great extent to their structural design. This comprises the absence of parental figures nurturing by other relatives or governance are part of the essential family variables that influence the best development of intellectual capabilities, how big or small the family is the gap between the siblings and the number and ratio of males and females.&nbsp.

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Understanding How People Behave
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