Underachievement in Gifted and Talented Students

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Underachievement in Gifted and Talented Students. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The students recognized as talented, and gifted are never a homogenous cohort. Various researchers who have studied talented and gifted students are in the convention of the absence of a portrait of a gifted student. There is a high degree of discrepancy in strengths and talents amongst the gifted students as shown by any sample drawn from an average population (Shmitz & Galbrait, 1985). Many researchers thus depend on the determination of the discrepancy between ability and achievement as the primary component of the definition of gifted and talented underachievement (Baum, Renziulli & Hebert, 1995).

Accordingly, uncovering the reasons behind high ability students underachieving has posed bust threats because of underachievement results from many distinguishing factors. Nonetheless, Practitioners must reconnoiter the causes of the gifted student’s underperformance to help the students realize their strength and ability, a factor that is far from being given particular focus presently. Despite the noted causes of gifted student underachievement such as personal characteristics (low self-efficacy, low self-regulation skills, and low self-motivation), a mismatch between student and school environment as well as serious physical, cognitive or emotional concerns (Siege & McCoach, 2001). However, the studies already executed have failed to solve the Underachievement in Gifted and Talented students. Indeed, they failed to communicate to stakeholders that the individual cause of the underachievement calls for a particular intervention.

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Underachievement in Gifted and Talented Students
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The ramification of mismatching the causes and interventions that result in serious implications among the gifted and talented special needs students. My motivation and interest development in this topic thus instigate from such gaps that have subsequently inspired me to conduct an in-depth study of the topic to stress to the educators that efficient mechanism through isolating the particular reasons for student’s behavior proactive to underachievement reversals. Such questions further shape my motivation as “Why do many talented and gifted students fail to realize their potential despite their high ability?” In addition, throughout the literature, I reviewed in search of problem identification, and it was common that the underachievement of gifted and talented students has persistently troubled parents and educators.

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