UN-Specialized Agencies.

I will pay for the following article Why Do We Need the UN-Specialized Agencies. The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The administrative committee was created in 1946. Among the responsibility of the committee involves implementing specialized agreements arrived at between these agencies and the United Nations. This is important in terms of ensuring that the activities taken by the specialized agencies are properly coordinated. Each of the specialized agencies also has its own juridical personality and enjoys independence and other privileges in the regions or member states that they operate. The staff working for these specialized agencies are often viewed as international workers. Further, their loyalty often remains with the agency that they work. Concerning work or functions, these agencies are not under the control of the government, but the agency. Conversely, state members are required to give these agencies autonomy and not influence the discharge of duty by these agencies. At present, there are approximately fifteen specialized agencies that collaborate with the UN (Congressional Digest 1975, p.69).

These agencies are important in terms of addressing various problems across the world that include humanitarian issues, health, and improving working conditions. Four specialized agencies are considered to be the key to the functions of the UN and include the WHO, UNESCO, ILO, and IAEA. These organizations play a specialized role in enhancing the living standards of mankind across the globe, these agencies further target to improve society in general. As an organization, the UN consists of mainly six organs and this includes the agencies and works with the UN through cooperation and collaboration to meet the overall objectives of the UN. Other than ensuring that peace prevails across the world, the UN as an organization has other responsibilities that require the support of these autonomous agencies. This includes support in formulating policies, providing technical support, and other practical help both in the economic and social spheres in member&nbsp.states. This makes the work of the General Assembly easier as a result of decentralizing responsibilities to these agencies and other organs associated with the UN. These organizations coordinate with the UN for purposes of improving society in general (Sharp 1968, p.881).

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