UK Public Service Broadcasters. 

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on UK Public Service Broadcasters. It needs to be at least 3500 words. The paper then considers how the governance system for BBC has changed over the time by considering three different eras where the strategies of the corporation have been different from each other. Further, it also discusses the relevance and the impacts of these changes on BBC’s accountability and political independence.

There is no standard definition of Public Service Broadcasting1. The purpose of Public Service Broadcasting, however, has been determined to be the use of electronic media, especially the television and the radio, to inform the viewers about the current situation of the world around them. This is done with an intention to improve the society. There are four main purposes of the PSB, especially the Public Service Broadcasting in the United Kingdom. The first is to inform the public about what is happening in the world through the presentation and analysis of certain ideas. The second is to encourage people into learning more about different fields, for example, science, arts, history etc. The third one is to strengthen the cultural identity of the people by the presenting of programmes, which are common to the culture of the people residing in the UK. The fourth and the most important one is to make the public aware of different ethnicities that are present in the United Kingdom so that they could be more tolerant towards these minorities.2

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The role of the PSB is to carry out its above-mentioned objectives properly, however, throughout history what has been observed is the fact that the PSB in the UK has failed in its objectives.3 The reason given by some analysts is that the PSB in the UK is dominated by a single organization that is the British Broadcasting Corporation. The British Broadcasting Corporation is also one of the corporations that are directly under the influence of the government as will be seen later throughout the course of the essay. The presence of such a single corporation leads to the failure of the PSB in providing relevant and true information to the public.

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