tu mama tambien.

While one, at first glance would dismiss this as similar to the overproduced run of the mill cinema that Hollywood repeats (Road Trip, Boat Trip, Euro Trip, Harold and Kumar, American Pie) that combines sex-obsessed teenagers going on random road journeys to fulfill hedonistic sexual pleasures helped along by excessive alcohol drinking, “Y Tu Mamá También” comes as ‘just ripped out of the soil’ fresh that sets the bar for this genre.

Coming of age tales are made solely for pandering to pre-pubescent boys, teenagers and men who do not wish to challenge their mental faculties, contain gratuitous amounts of sex and crude humor and in this regard, Y Tu Mamá También is no exception. Demi-pornographic to the point that it contains some of the most sexually explicit scenes to be ever seen in a mainstream release including a double masturbation scene by the swimming pool and a fellatio scene performed by Luisa (played by Spanish veteran Marisa Verdu) on both lead duo Tenoch (Diego Lana) and Julio(Gael ‘Che Guerra’ Garcia Bernal ) simultaneously.

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It thus follows that the mature woman is a sexist fantasy straight out of Penthouse and that the crude and monotonous dialogue seems expressly designed to cater to teenage audiences. This is where Alfonso Cuaron’s direction and Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography make the film transcend its genre roots and create an exhilarating adventure in narrative, eroticism and social commentary. In particular, I wish to show how the film cinematography reveals a main underlying theme: which is not the general consensus about the coming of age and the realization of adulthood but a social and political commentary about Mexico.

Tenoch belongs to the upper class. is the son of the Secretary of State, Harvard Economist father and a bored and wealthy Mother who is occupied with spirituality. Julio belongs to the working lower middle class.&nbsp.The division by social class is mirrored by the ethnic divisions in the country. The largest ethnic group in Mexico (around 60%) is classified as mestizo or ‘mixed’.&nbsp.

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