Trouble-Shooting and Maintenance Plan of XYZ Company.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Trouble-Shooting and Maintenance Plan of XYZ Company. It needs to be at least 1500 words. A retail point of sale system, which has no direct access to the internet and at the corporate center (headquarter), there are seven departments –HR, Corporate Executive Officer, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and IT. The company has availed to its employees the appropriate equipment for computing and for remote access to the network. The network administrator, for example, can be able to provide support to the network system even in off-hours.

The routing and switching infrastructure employed by the company include the implementation of VLAN segments that are responsible for dividing servers, printers and work stations into distinct VLAN segments. The company has also instituted firewalls that are placed between the VLAN segments to secure the network switches and to protect the system against spoofing errors. Port security has also been implemented in order to protect the system against MAC layer attacks.

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Trouble-Shooting and Maintenance Plan of XYZ Company.
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Distributed enterprises are reliant on branch offices for distribution, sales, retail, manufacturing and customer support. Additionally, remote sites are usually the points that are most susceptible to difficulties of network management in the overall enterprise network. Therefore, remote sites have to overcome limited control and visibility, frequent power outages, a lack of onsite technical staff to maintain optimal levels of efficiency and failures associated with single points. The routine checks for maintenance, mandate on-site visits that lead to high downtime incidents and high costs for maintaining the network system.

The amount of time required to isolate, identify and deal with a problem in a remote location, has in previous studies been indicated to be more than five times, the time required to perform the same task at the headquarters. This has been attributed to a lack of tools, visibility and support staff at the remote sites. The use of classical management tools that are network dependent in remote locations or branch offices.

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