Treatment of Non-Human Animals.

I will pay for the following article Treatment of Non-Human Animals. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The public’s perception or points of view before the implementation of such rules fulfils the requirements of the Utilitarian argument which requires that any activity undertaken by human beings should not cause any negative consequence on the second or the third parties. In relation to the rules and regulations meant to protect non-human animals, it is imperative to note that such laws should be encouraged and applied provided the consequences of such rules do not harm humans.

Utilitarian theory depicts that human actions are considered ethically upright when the ultimate results do not lead to negative consequences that may cause harm to the intended populace. however, in relation to the formulation of rules and regulations geared towards the protection of non-human animals, it should be noted that greater consideration is awarded to the ultimate outcomes in that they do not cause any harm to humans.

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Treatment of Non-Human Animals.
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The concept of sentience encompasses the human capacity to be conscious, perceive and feel certain life scenarios. it can also be referred to as the aspect of experiencing subjectivity to certain matters. One of the moral significance of sentience emerges from the provisions of animal rights. In relation to the provision of animal rights, sentience plays a crucial role that facilitates the provision of such rights (

In relation to the Eastern Philosophers, sentience involves the metaphysical capacities of both non-human and human animals to undergo pain and feel consciousness. Human beings may not be in a position to understand the level of consciousness on non-human animals. however, the truth of the matter is that such animals to some extent have the capacity just like human beings to feel pain as well as pleasure since they are living things. In regard to this sentience, provides a pathway or a guideline for the provision of care and other important services for such animals (

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