Transportation through the Various Parts of the Denver Metropolitan Area

 Transportation through the Various Parts of the Denver Metropolitan Area. Write a 250 word paper answering; &nbsp.After this point, we were Pecos working our way onto West 56th towards Federal back onto Pecos via I-76 and followed this route all the way to West 106th where we turned around at North Glen marketplace and went back to where I started. In the interest of full disclosure, I perhaps did not choose the best time to ride Denver’s Public Transit because my journey was largely during Rush hour and it was quite dark.

At the beginning of my journey on 15th street, one notices that the streets were eerily empty of pedestrians and some of the buildings are quite tall. Along this street, the buildings are also separated by several paring lots above ground and traditional. All one sees for several blocks was empty streets and parking lots. The next major sight that we passed was Coors Field on 20th Street. Baseball season is over and the road is sided by two large concrete walls which gave a very unpleasant feeling.

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 Transportation through the Various Parts of the Denver Metropolitan Area
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The next major transition was onto Navajo Street with its small house. Without question, this region is distinctly residential but passes by the occasional tavern, Church or auto body shop. I remember seeing a small altercation by a bar I think was called the ‘Arabian Bar’. Another sight that stood out in my mind was the ‘Bug Theatre’ Which had a large group of people outside of it although I could not tell if there was anything going on that evening.

The bus eventually turning onto Pecos street where there were vast empty fields and huge houses or gigantic industrial park type buildings and mega parking lots with big box stores which then transitioned back into a largely empty residential area. It was a strange transition from a tightly packed inner city to a more casual residential area and then finally into such an open area only to turn around and repeat the process. Although it was the case that I hardly saw any people outside of the inner city and the residential area for some reason being in the rural area on Pecos street was quite calming.&nbsp.

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