Transformation in Marketing and the Views of Industry.

 Transformation in Marketing and the Views of Industry. Changes in consumers’ behavior can be seen. In the present century where consumers are faced with a turbo-charged variety of options, it is necessary to understand their needs and provide them with honesty, truth, and advice about the product.

Present-day marketing is engaging people in a way so that they not only get entertainment but also get the information that they want. It is no surprise that numerous companies and professionals are adopting new approaches to marketing for a better definition of their brands. But it is also important to understand where, how and what to market.

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Transformation in Marketing and the Views of Industry.
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It is also important to make the best use of new technology while not obsolescing the old media. The trend which can be seen in new models of marketing is that all the consumers are moving online, predominantly the young ones. But we can’t say that print media is dying since it has its own significance. We have print and electronic media. marketing just needs to be done at the right place and at the right time.

It could be through the Internet, video games, print media, social networks or anything at all. There are brands and consumers. It is necessary to understand how to create relevant and meaningful conversations with them that engage and enlighten and make the consumers want to find us.


Marketers should understand the consumers’ new and primarily used communication media such as mobile devices (and the apps on them), YouTube, blogs, emails and a must mention, social networking sites such as “Facebook”. Marketers can place their ads on Facebook, based on the demographics of the people they want to target. For example, Nokia may display its new smartphone ad on a teen’s profile page in a particular country and during different times.

However, marketing may not only be limited to these media. In fact, each and every connection point with the consumer can be considered an opportunity for promoting and establishing the brand, whether it is customer service or in-store advertising.

Marketers should understand what makes a message relevant enough to pass on or persuasive enough to impact consumer’s behavior. Contemporary advertising should target each and every “touchpoint” of the consumers and link the brands to their emotional appeals. These products should be marketed using a story, something which makes the consumers remember a particular brand. Advertisements should no more be intrusive. Rather, they should engage the consumers and build trust and value for them in the brand.

The ad content should be developed in such a way that it makes the consumers go out of their way to share it with their peers. They should also focus on powerful consumers and trendsetters. Marketers can make the best use of new advanced technologies and media for the promotion of products. This way, they not only can introduce new products for consumers but also build brand strength and equity amongst them. In addition, research and surveys should be conducted to understand individual buying and media behavior. Lastly, marketers should also tweak the 4P’s of marketing activities just right, to create a differentiated experience.

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