Toyota recall is not safe

Write 5 pages with APA style on Toyota recall is not safe. One of these companies is Toyota Motor Corporation, commonly known as Toyota. This is a multinational corporation with its headquarters in Japan. Toyota has factories in most parts of the world which makes it one of the world’s largest automaker (Toyota, 2010).

The cars manufactured by Toyota were considered the best until the series of accidents that were caused by the cars’ design. Some say that the issue was not very serious and it was unnecessarily amplified by its competitors over the media. Very recently, several vehicles faced the problem of the accelerator pedal getting stuck which caused unintended acceleration and hence many accidents. As a corrective measure, Toyota has decided to recall its sold cars and fix them (Reed, P., 2010). According to a source, by January 28, 2010, Toyota had announced recalls of about 5.2 million cars for the pedal entrapment/floor mat problem, and an additional 2.3 million cars for the accelerator pedal problem. Out of these, almost 1.7 million cars have both these problems (Toyota Press Release, 2010). In addition to this, it cut down on its production to a great extent as well. Other companies that have faced the same problems include Honda, Ford, etc. However, the problem faced by these organizations did not affect their image and financial condition at the same scale as Toyota.

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Toyota recall is not safe
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Now when we talk about this incident and Toyota’s reaction of recalling the cars that were potentially damaged, people often take two different sides. Some say that the Toyota recall was a good idea while some disagree. It is very important that all aspects of this issue are discussed so that we can understand the strategy better from all angles. Therefore, in this paper, we will discuss both sides of the argument in the coming paragraphs, firstly discussing the arguments for the Toyota recall.

The Toyota recall is believed to be the best thing for everyone.

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