Toyota Manufacturing, USA Inc. Case Study

1)     There are at least three major issues and/or processes related to the “seat defects” problem that you should assess and/or improve. For each major area below, discuss how you would improve/change the process. Identify at least two ideas/options for each of the three scenarios and discuss the advantage(s) and disadvantage(s) of each option.

a)     Assuming that the plant continues to use the clinic and overflow areas for seat defects, how would you process cars/seats in these areas? How would you specifically improve the process and/or layout in this area?

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Toyota Manufacturing, USA Inc. Case Study
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b)     Assuming that seat defects continued to occur despite your efforts to eliminate seat defects, discuss how you would process the seat defects in real time when they defects are actually detected in the assembly line. 

c)     How would you eliminate (or at least minimize the number of) seat defects? That is, how will you prevent future seat defects from even occurring?  

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