Tourism in Turkey.

2008). Lemon et al., argues that life satisfaction increases with the frequency and the intimacy of the recreational activity (1972). While this remains so tourism helps meet the psychological needs for recreation and leisure (Ryan and Deci 2000). Tourism also combines within it the search for experiences that are new in life. It could be considered as part of one’s interests to learn, to buy, to eat, to explore/watch/see and to do something new. Behind every tourist enterprise a combination of factors, individually and collectively, determine the destination.

The process of perceiving a place as one’s tourist destination is an important area in tourism related research. In this paper I briefly attempt to understand the possibilities offered by tourism in Turkey. The attempt is primarily from the perspective of understanding the potentials of Turkey to offer, and attract, the tourist with a stress free, romantic and collectively enjoyable holiday period. The paper also discusses such aspects of tourism as are related with its psychological aspects, aspects that are exclusively associated with the perception of images and places while deciding one’s tourist destinations, and the theoretical dimensions of discussing tourism from other possible perspectives. This attempt is precisely oriented towards understanding Turkey as a tourist site and as located within such multiple theoretical concerns related with its tourism possibilities.

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Turkey constitutes a bridge between Asia and Europe and has constantly been subjected to, and influenced by, the cultures of these two continents. Turkey is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa and is a gateway to both the East and the West. It shares its bounderies with Asian countries of Iran, Iraq and Caucasian countries like Georgia, Armenia and the European countries of Greece and Bulgaria.

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