Touched by a Vampire Named Angel by Lynn Schofield.

Touched by a Vampire Named Angel by Lynn Schofield. Touched by a Vampire Named Angel by Lynn Schofield – The Appropriateness of the Science Fiction Genre to the Target Audience


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Touched by a Vampire Named Angel by Lynn Schofield.
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A lot relating to vampires has found its way into postmodern teen fiction films and television programs. After reading the article Touched by a Vampire Named Angel, the following personal statement asks the question: what is the appropriateness of the science fiction genre to the target audience? The discussion also answers the question: what is the significance of the vampire named “Angel?”


Back in the 1990s all the way up to 1970s, the westerns were the most popular movies that heavily depicted the cowboys and the life at the Americas Wild West. However, with the turn of the century, the science fiction genre became popular among the teenagers and the young adults. The above named program targets the teenagers and young adults rather than the blanket population. Historically, the westerns type of movies could only appeal to the older generation of the audience because they were the only group that had an idea about the culture that was depicted in the films. However, the science fiction likes the one under this discussion appeals to the teenagers and the young adult group because this group is highly liberal.

The use of vampires in films has especially every now and then been criticized by the older generations specifically due to the strong connection that the older generation attaches between vampires and the end times as prescribed by most religions (Clark 3). The older generations often tend to be very religious and are also guided by various religious principles in their daily lives. The teenage and young adult group is however different. First of all, this group is liberal. Majority of teenagers and young adults hold liberal religious beliefs and therefore do not find science fiction films to conflict with their religious beliefs. Secondly, even among the very religious persons among the target group, they treat science fiction as just entertainment. This is important because they can therefore watch films with strong religious connotations without being offended or questioning the motives of the producers because they take films as meant for entertainment purposes. Hence, this target group can watch films that have vampires as the heroes without taking it as being an abomination.

Looking at the second question posted in the introduction regarding the significant of the vampire named “Angel”, one has to keenly follow the actions, the thoughts and words of the character. Although being a vampire, Angel is not wicked and his actions, thought and words are consistent of a being that is caring especially to the human beings who easily may be harmed by the vampire population. Hence, he obtains a name often associated with holy beings. angels. This is contrasting to the very nature that is associated with vampires that are meant to be demonic (Clark 19). In this film, angel often is involved in saving his human friends from evil vampires. It is therefore of great significance and symbolism that a vampire is consistent in making the right decisions that have important and higher ideals and values even more than the majority of the human characters. In essence, the film seems to send the message that we can have evil human beings and good vampires or demons. This is an important lesson of our times because often, we find help from unexpected sources after our very own friends or relatives turn out to be unreliable or all the same unwilling to help when most needed.

Work Cited

Clark, Lynn Schofield. “Touched by a Vampire Named Angel.” From Angels to Aliens: Teenagers, the Media, and the Supernatural. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. 1-41. Print.

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