Throwing the Perfect Party

Brittney Liston Professor Thomas English Comp. I September 26, 2011 Throwing the Perfect Party Throwing the perfect party requires a lot of planning because the party planner’s reputation will be put in the spotlight. Rather it being a party that goes well or if it’s a total disaster. Hosting a party can be stressful if the proper amount of time is not used wisely in planning the party. Lots of people have failed and very few have succeeded in creating the perfect party depending on the time used in planning the party.
The ones that failed usually were because they had poor planning skills. There are many steps that need to be followed in order to throw the perfect party. First off, take time to plan things out. Check dates out to make sure that party is not planned on top of another event that might be going on. A decision on location also needs to be made at this time. Now since they have a location and a date set a guest list can be started. Verify that all contact information for guest is good. The second step would be deciding a theme for the party.
A month before the party is ideal for knowing the theme so that purchasing favors, decorations can be done and that everyone is properly dressed for the event. Wait around three weeks before the party to send out invitations. A reserve by date is good so that an accurate count can be made so that food and entertainment can be planned. The menu can be decided at this time. The menu will depend on the type of party being thrown. Finger foods and soft drinks are good for simple parties, while a full dinner maybe needed for a formal party.

Activities should be decided at this time. If a band will be attending verify weekly with the band so that they are sure of their attendance. If planning to use personal media prepare what songs will be used and set those aside. Around a week before the party send out reminders to guest so that attendance will be assured. Calling the guest that has not responding is also a good idea in case they might have not received the invitation. Two days before the party get a final count of the guests attending so that the proper amount of things will be available at the party.
Remember to take all food out of freezer that needs time to thaw out. Make sure that plenty of batteries and film are available so that all the special moments are captured by camera. If the party is to be held in a personal home be sure that all organizing and cleaning is done at this time so that it is ready for the party. The day before the party should be used to prepare most of the food that can be prepared early. If the party location is available use this time to do all indoor decorating so that it will be ready for the party. The day of the party is finally here.
All of the early preparations have paid off to make this day a perfect day. Now is the time to put outdoor decorations out. All of the food that was not prepared prior should now get prepared and available to use. The guests are all arriving and all that is left to do is to enjoy to perfect party that you have made possible through proper planning. Now since the day of the party is finally here, do all of the last minute adjustments to the decorations. Make sure all the placements are out and ready, and that the music selection is in order.

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