Thomas Green.

These played no small part in him getting noticed by the division vice president Shannon McDonald who eventually selected him for position of Senior Market specialist, bypassing the decision of his immediate boss Frank Davis.

While not stated explicitly in the case, the understatement was that this decision could have set a negative tone in Davis and Green’s relationship from the start as Davis’ authority was undermined. This becomes an important point as the first few months of Green’s new job are filled with manager-employee conflicts leading to a threat to his job. Throughout the case we can identify several specific areas of Management principles which had the most influence in Green’s performance and his Marketing director’s dissatisfaction with his work and the tensions which arose.

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An organization culture refers to a set of shared values, customs and work style which is followed within any organization. The cultural aspects may be on the surface or deep level but they are accepted by employees and created according to the principles set by the top management. From the start, it seemed Green was unaware or unwilling to follow the set culture after his new promotion. From the case we get the evidence that a lot of importance was given to documentation, use of visual media and constant interaction between employees and supervisors in the department. The company prefers programmed decisions with the correct information, facts and data available for customer presentations- it is not a culture which would supports innovation and out-of-the-box thinking without the approval of your boss and some concrete data to support the process.

These things were made clear to Green in the very first week of his work when he had several meetings with Davis who explained to him that while his ideas were good, what was expected was that there would be proper research and figures included when these ideas were presented to the clients. 

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