This will be our final research essay of the course.

This will be our final research essay of the course. I’m assigning it today so that you have as much time as possible to work on it. Get started on it as soon as you have submitted your Synthesis Essay (Informative Report). Research requires a large time commitment , so you don’t want to procrastinate on the research, planning, and drafting of this essay.The good news is that you have already started working on background research for this essay. You will see below that this essay asks you to research and write and argument about a topic related to artificial intelligence (AI).Many of you will find that you can use some of the same research sources in this essay that you used in your Synthesis Essay (Informative Report).Some of you will find that you can use some of the same writing from the Synthesis Essay (Informative Report) in this essay. However, be careful to consider your purpose if you choose to use any writing from the previous essay in this essay. You are free to reuse material you’ve already located through research and that you have written in previous assignments for this class, but you will likely have to re-purpose your older writing to fit the requirements of this assignment. Reports and an arguments each have different purposes. Review pages 55-6 for ways to think carefully about the purpose of your writing.A Note on Grading and Feedback for First DraftsPlease note that you will not receive written feedback from me on the essay’s first draft. You will get written feedback from me on the essay’s revision. You will also conduct peer review of other students’ drafts and receive peer feedback on your draft. The first draft serves as a checkpoint in this crucial stage of the writing process. Writing a complete essay draft ensures that you can produce your best writing when you work on the revision. Consequently, the first draft will be graded complete / incomplete. make sure you submit a complete essay to earn credit for this draft.If you have any questions at all about your essay, please ask me.Due DateSubmit your first draft to this assignment space as a Word document by 11:59pm Friday, 6/12. If you don’t have Word on your computer, you can access it on the Office 365 account given to you by the college.FormatFormat your essay using MLA style guidelines in 12-point type, use Times New Roman font, and use MLA citations. See pages 586-87 of our textbook for more information about formatting a paper using MLA style. See pages 588-96 for an example of an essay formatted in MLA style.Length1500-2000 words (MLA headings and works cited lists are excluded from the word count)Assignment PurposeThe skills required to complete the research paper are the skills necessary to complete your college degree and to work within the larger contemporary culture. The ability to find quality, reliable information and use that information to address contemporary problems large and small is the most valued skill in most professional cultures. You will use every skill we have worked on this semester: summary, analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and argument. The research paper marks the culmination of your work in critical thinking and writing.Essay TopicYou must make an argument about artificial intelligence based on your research. That means you must compose a clear, limited thesis. The thesis must be arguable. You must support your thesis with strong chains of reasoning based in evidence. All claims must be supported by evidence. You must also make it clear to your audience why your argument matters. Why should they care about this? Persuade us that reading your paper is worthwhile.You must also address doubts and questions about, as well as counterarguments to, your position. Addressing opposing viewpoints builds your credibility as a writer. You must assume that your audience is skeptical of your claims. Avoid broad generalizations and supposedly self-evident claims. Be precise and exhaustive in your explanations.You must synthesize a minimum of three academic sources (scholarly, peer-reviewed sources) to use as evidence in support of your argument (you may also include other sources to provide context). Use this evidence concretely and with specificity. That is, simply parroting someone else’s general opinion is not evidence in itself. You must synthesize a minimum of six sources total in the research paper.Essay ChecklistEssay OpeningThe opening paragraphs of you essay should provide thorough background and context about your essay’s topic. Your thesis should be presented in this opening section. The opening may consist of several paragraphs.Content Accurate interpretation and incorporation of source texts Minimum of six credible sources synthesized in the essay, at least three of which must be academic (peer-reviewed) sources A convincing chain of reasoning supported by concrete evidence Direct quotations and examples from sourcesBody Paragraphs A sensible organization that builds on your thesis. Topic sentences must develop the thesis throughout. Unified and cohesive paragraphs Logical transitions between paragraphs Effective incorporation of quoted support, with proper formatting of in-text citation and a works cited page Concise sentences free from grammar and punctuation errorsFormat 12-point type Times New Roman (or equivalent) MLA format (heading, parenthetical quotations, works cited page) Relevant title (you must craft a title that succinctly indicates the content of your essay) Indent the first line of each paragraph Left-justified (do not center or right-justify your text)

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This will be our final research essay of the course.
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