This paper is to deeply present what the movie en d Dirt! The Movie directed and produced by Benenson and Rosow in the year 2009.

Write a 2 pages paper on dirt. This paper is to deeply present what the movie en d Dirt! The Movie directed and produced by Benenson and Rosow in the year 2009. These essays will tell the relationship of human beings to dirt which is the reason we need to respect and give importance to dirt. It will present the mission and the theme of human beings in connection with dirt. It will give credit to the history of dirt. It will deeply explain the intimate bond of human beings to dirt during the creation and evolution. It will also tell the provisions that dirt had given to man. It will also present what is the effect of abusing dirt by human beings. We can also find in this essay the reasons the earth are suffering from disasters and destructions. Above all it will present the reasons we need to give importance to dirt.

From the very beginning, man and dirt had been together on their travel even during the creation and evolution of the earth. Man is a compound of matter and mind. Man is formed from the dust of the ground, so man is a dust and to dust he shall return. A man’s material part is dust from the soil. Man’s mission in this respect is to draw out the capabilities of the soil to support by its produce the large number of his race and to always give importance to it but as generations to generations had come, this mission was forgotten.

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This paper is to deeply present what the movie en d Dirt! The Movie directed and produced by Benenson and Rosow in the year 2009.
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Dirt! The Movie, introduces viewers to dirt’s interesting history. It shows that religion around the world share the theme that man’s origin is in the dirt. That from this origin it has to be given importance and living with it. Christians, Jewish and Muslim customs, traditions and beliefs share the story that God formed man from dust and breathe the breath of life and the man became a living being. The film recommends that the connection of the natural world to human is outside the range of overseeing and protecting of dirt considered as worth caring for and preserving to interconnectivity and a profound spiritual connection. The movie also introduces that four billion years of the process of development, it has made dirt which supplies man with shelter, dirt that provides food and dirt that recycles water. It has also given man things that can be used for fuel, medicine, ceramics, flowers, cosmetics, and color, in other words, dirt has given man everything for man’s survival. Human beings knew and understood the intimate bond with dirt and the nature. Human beings took care of the soil that took care of human beings back. But as the years went by, man has lost that connection and eventually has lost respect to man’s resources. Our ancestors became selfish, careless, became ignorant of the importance of dirt and the nature which led to them to risk these living resources with unfavorable ways of cultivating land, farming and raising crops, mining operations and city development. Human beings still depend on dirt but until now we still abuse and rejecting it even though human beings feels the effect of these such as a large scale of starvation, global warming or climate change, a period of dry weather, especially a long one that is injurious to crops and even war. Human beings kept on changing the skin of the earth into a miserable, horrible and unsafe landscape for all life on earth.

On the other hand, we can also see that in the movie Dirt! The Movie, it brings to life the environmental, social, economic, and political importance of soil and suggests kinds of ways we can make new chances for all life on this earth we are living in. People who are studying about dirt gather together to save this earth’s last natural resource. Scientists are on the go on discovering something that is related to soil in order to solve the current problem of our earth, global warming or climate change. The management of the inmates in prison tries to use horticulture program to train them in their job skills. Even religious groups are trying to help in the caring of the natural resources. Those people who are discovering fertilizers are trying to make fertilizers that aren’t risky to the farms and of course farmers and other concerned people are trying to fight for the good of their farms.

I believe that it is very important for us to give importance of dirt. Dirt will take care of us if we take good care of it. Dirt has life in it which means they are alive. Dirt has been a source of life so we must respect it. Cutting trees, blowing up mountains to find minerals, and how man use dirt to make houses, these are only some of the reasons why we experience disasters. Fertilizers affects the structure of the soil so it is very important that our farmers don’t have to use fertilizers in killing insects because the effect of this would be farmers will move to cities because of the effect of fertilizers. A solution of this would be green roofing and using organic farming. We have to recycle back the soil just like what our ancestors did thousands of years ago to sustain our natural resources.


Benenson, B. & Rosow, G (Directors), & Benenson, G., Gene. R. & Daily E. (Producers). (2009). Dirt! The Movie. United States.

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