This essay “Food Marketing Related with Obesity”

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic food marketing related with obesity. This essay “Food Marketing Related with Obesity” outlines how the food advertising influenced the level of obesity. In the US, it is estimated that almost $2 billion is spent by the food and beverage industry annually towards marketing the beverages and food to the adolescents and children. The Institute of Medicine report advanced that the food and beverage advertising have effects on the food choices, diets, food purchase requests, and health of the children.

According to Bouchard (62), “the food markets and its impacts have been established to vary by ethnicity”. For example, in America, the food marketing is more prevalent in the Latino and Black communities. Research indicates that every day, the Black children are exposed to twice as many high calorie advertised food commercials as White Children (Bouchard 62). The food products that are marketed most to the Blacks are the low nutrition high calorie foods and beverages. The Latinos are the main target for the marketers as a result of their relative spending power and population growth. It has been established that nearly 84 percent of children targeted marketing on Spanish-language TV promote food stuffs having low nutritional values. Within a three year period between 2010 and 2013, the research revealed that the overall advertising expenditures by the fast food restaurants on Spanish TV had increased by 8 percent. Moreover, the low income Latino neighborhoods bear nine times more outdoor sugar drinks and fast food advertising compared to the high-income White neighborhoods.

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This essay “Food Marketing Related with Obesity”
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