Thinking like a mountain

Thinking like a Mountain It is the obligation of every person to take care of the environments since our little contribution will certainly bring a remarkable difference on the environment. All species in the universe are equally important especially considering that the whole universe is a self-sustaining ecosystem. Extinction of one or more species means that the ecosystem is destabilized and man will definitely feel the aftermath once the system fails to sustain human needs.

Just like mountains, environmentalists call for good co-existence of human beings, plants and other animals. All forms of life are interdependent, which means that extinction of one form of life threatens the survival of the rest of the ecosystem either directly or indirectly. Since the impact of extinction is felt after a long period, environmentalists must bring the awareness to humanity, who in most cases does not mind what they cannot feel now. Although effect of pollution takes time, the impacts are often long lasting and disastrous (National Research Council 112).

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Thinking like a mountain
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For instance, in some countries, it is legal to kill elephants for their ivory. The rate of reproduction of elephants is quite low, which means that if this human activity is to go on for some time, elephants will be at a risk of extinction. The country will loose the tourism exports associated with the elephants as the ecosystem suffers a disability. David Thoreau would certainly claim that all people are ambassadors and care takers of the world’s resources. When they fail to maintain discipline in nurturing the environment, they are digging their own graves. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all human beings to understand the connection between all species and in return show respect by using world’s resources responsibly and ethically.

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