Therapeutic Approaches.

Unlike in able person whose perception of self is consistent with what he/she experiences disabled people often experience incongruence between self and experience considering that some of their experiences are often inconsistent with internalized conditions of worth. In this sense, disabled people of often strive to act out of wishes of other people and the mere fact that they are used to doing it over a long period they often face a major challenge of determining their real self. This means they lack the inherent human tendency to grow to full potential in a constructive and positive way. However, PC provides the best opportunity for therapists to help such kind of clients explore more of their real self and finally become real by overcoming their difficulties and shaping their destiny owing to the fact that it calls for unconditional acceptance, genuineness, and empathy with clients.

Existential theory (ET) is appropriate for people with terminal illnesses. Individuals suffering from terminal illnesses often lack courage and determination, which according to ET are valuable attributes of human beings. This involves the willingness of an individual to face his/her own anxiety about not being. Terminally ill people, unlike healthy people, are always faced with the biggest challenge of being in a position to deal with anxiety, which considered one of the inescapable parts of being human. This anxiety is often brought about by awareness of death. From the ET perspective awareness of ultimate concern, specifically, death often raises anxiety (Murdock, 2013). The existential approach to counseling is the best therapy for terminally ill patients because it strives to deal with the major themes of human existence, which include freedom, death, meaning, and isolation. All these themes are evident in the lives of terminally ill patients.

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Gestalt Theory (GT) is most appropriate for clients with marriage problems. Couples with marriage squabbles are renowned for having mixed options about whether to continue being in the relationship or quit it and these options often leave them in a dilemma.

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