Theory Analysis: Lippitt’s change theory

Theory Analysis PaperThe DNP prepared advanced practice nurse will be prepared to lead change in the practice setting. In this assignment, students will choose an organizational change theory, framework or model. Student’s will use the Walker and Avant principles of theory analysis to analyze their chosen theory, model or framework that has relevance to leading planned change in practice and this theory may be use to guide their DNP project. Paper is worth 30% of total grade. See Topic Outline for due date.Content to be covered in paper:• Origins refers to the initial development of the theory, what prompted its development, how it was put together and the purpose for which it was developed. Include country of origin, author’s profession, time period in which it was developed, and main domain of interest (e.g. practice, education, research, policy).• Meaning has to do with the theory’s concepts and how they relate to one another and underlying assumptions. Indentify concepts, examine definitions and use of concepts, identify relational statements and determine types of relationships e.g. causal, associational, linear, any boundaries, schematic representation, target audience, and clinical context. • Logical adequacy denotes the logical structure of the concepts and statements independent of their meaning. Consider predictions that can be made using theory, do scientists agree on these predictions, does the theory content make sense and are there any obvious logical fallacies.• Usefulness (as applied to nursing) concerns how practical and helpful the theory is to contributing to nursing knowledge and new insights for nusing knowledge.• Generalizability explains how widely the theory can be used in explaining or predicting phenomenon. Broad or narrow focus.• Parsimony refers to how simple and briefly a theory can be stated while being complete in its explanation of the phenomenon in question. Clarity of language, brevity and simplicity.• Testability has to do with whether the theory can be supported by empirical data; a theory with strong empirical evidence to support it is a stronger than one that does not. Face and content validity. Any interventions or tools to use with theory.• Paper length is 8-10 pages not including title page and references.

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Theory Analysis: Lippitt’s change theory
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