Theories of Democracy.

Even wars on the basis of humanitarian grounds should be avoided to prevent loss of lives and the absence of cultural relativism in some of the nations that are known to endure the set ideas and principles of different regions. According to Žižek, human rights are defined as exercising the freedom to choose any given thing without violating the freedom rights of others, even if it means defying war.

Interestingly, Žižek is supportive of humanitarian interventions only so far as they are found protecting and assisting human life. Even though he is not very excited about humanitarian interference in general, he feels that such interventions should be safeguarded. Irrespective of the beliefs of the people in a particular nation, their lives must be protected and supported in terms of its concepts and standards. A true democracy will always stand out in its ability to defend its citizens. Freedom and Democracy are significant rights, mentioned by the writer, should be implemented even at home in a nation that supports such rights.

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It is important to note that there is nothing universal about “right.” There is more than one way to getting things done and this is evident in the varied cultural perspectives, distinct world features, unique rituals and cultural identifications. Žižek points out that it is wrong to overlook the differences unique to varied races. A lot of unrest and conflicts in the world arise when nations try to impose their way of acting on other nations and this, in turn, produces war rather than peace. Intolerance towards other people’s viewpoints is the main damaging force that corrupts nations.&nbsp.

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