Theology Final Research

Please refer to the below instructions. I am asking that you write on the Lord’s Supper. My personal belief is on the Baptist View. I was raised in Jacksonville, Florida which is a very Southern Baptist city. I was a member of one of the largest churches in the south, First Baptist Church of Jacksonville located downtown. We also attended Neptune Beach Baptist Church at the beaches during the week. You can mention this, as my Professor is from Jacksonville and has similar beliefs. Refer to biblical scripture. Also our text book is An Exploration of Christian Theology by Don Thorsen. I will send copies of the references from the book for your use in the paper and for your own understanding. Thank you for your help. THEO 3133 Final Research PaperSelect a theological issue from this course and write a 6-8 page research paper using the following format:• Introduction: Open your paper with a proper introduction, introducing the topic of your paper, stating the thesis our main idea you will be arguing for, and giving a roadmap of what will follow in the different sections of your paper.• Background Information: Take some time to share background research about the topic you have selected. Your topic should focus on a theological issue discussed in our course that different Christians have taken different views on. Take time to explain at least two viewpoints on the issue you are discussing. Discuss each viewpoint at length, offering Scriptural and theological arguments for each viewpoint. (Example: if you pick Calvinism and Arminianism, you would have a section explaining each viewpoint and why the people who hold each viewpoint believe what they do. You would explain the Scriptures and other arguments they make to support their position.) • Your Viewpoint: After discussing both opposing viewpoints, your next section of the paper will explain your viewpoint on the issue. Which side are you most convinced by? Why? In this section you should do several things: 1) Review the reasons for holding the view that you hold and add any original thoughts or arguments you have to the debate. You should offer Scriptural and theological support for your position (for example, if you’re defending human freedom offer Scriptural reasons to believe people have free will and also offer arguments for why you believe people have free will (arguments against determinism, arguments that if humans don’t have freedom, then God is the cause of the evil in the world, etc) 2) [VERY IMPORTANT] Consider objections that someone who takes the other side may make to the arguments you made for the view you have. What would someone on the other side say back to everything you have just said? Try to think of a few objections. State them as fairly as possible, and respond to them. 3) Pick an argument or two that the other side would make to support their position and respond to it. You could pick a Scripture an opponent would use to defend their view or an argument they would make. Try to show where their argument goes wrong or where, in your view, their interpretation of Scripture is wrong.• Conclusion: Close with a paragraph summarizing the results of your study.Your paper should be written in 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri font with one inch margins all around the page. It must use at least four research citations (you may use any of the readings in class for citations). Use the Chicago format for footnotes and your Bibliography. citations can be made in the text by simply putting the book, chapter, and verse in parentheses (example: Romans 8:39)Suggested Topics:You may write about any topic that has been covered in course readings or lectures. However, here are some suggested topics you may wish to explore:• Calvinism vs. Arminianism: Explain the five points of Calvinism and the ways Arminians disagree with each point. State which side you take in the debate. Offer positive argumentation for your side and evaluate the weaknesses of the other side.• Spirit Baptism: Is this an experience every believer shares at the moment of salvation or a second work of grace? Explain both sides of the debate and then offer arguments for your side and against the other side. • Christian Perfection: Is it possible? Explain the Wesleyan view of sanctification and contrast it with a different view (Reformed view or Lutheran view). Then argue either for or against the Wesleyan understanding of Christian perfection using the format above. • Open theism: What is it? Is it a viable option for evangelical, Biblically faithful Christians? Explain what open theism is. Explain whether or not you think it is an option for evangelical Christians by offering arguments for/against it, and responding to objections to your view.• Original Sin: How do people inherit a sinful nature from our first ancestors? Traducianism (through our parent’s passing a sinful nature down)? Natural Headship (because Adam is the legal representative of the human race)? Or socially (because we are born into families and societies that are generationally impacted by sin? • The Lord’s Supper: How is Jesus present with us at communion? Literally (the Lutheran view)? Spiritually (the Reformed/Calvinist view)? Or is communion primarily an opportunity for us to remember the Lord’s death? (the Baptist view)• Eschatology: Pick and explain two of the historic positions the Church has taken regarding the return of Christ (two out of three: pre-millenialism, post-millenialism, amillenialism). Argue for one and agains the other.

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Theology Final Research
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