The World of Van Gogh: 1853-1890.

I will pay for the following article The World of Van Gogh: 1853-1890. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The author of the paper tells that the petals of Van Gogh ‘s sunflowers, for example, created with single broad strokes in the heavily applied paint, seem to almost peel off the surface as they fall from the flowers, catching and reflecting light in various ways to give the painting a different impression from every viewpoint.&nbsp. This technique also functions to add shadows in predictable areas, further emphasizing the idea of decay as well as the sense of physical presence despite the somewhat unrealistic colors used. This technique enabled Van Gogh to ignore somewhat the need to paint shadows as the contours of his paint as it was applied to the surface functioned to create these aspects of the work for him, allowing them to remain true to the subject as the viewer moved around the painting. He used the pointillist technique of the expressionist movement to illustrate the intricate design of the sunflower seed heads while he allowed the background plane of yellow to recede by using a subtle color wash in the style of the earlier impressionists. This combination of style can be seen in many paintings made by Van Gogh, such as Two Crabs, currently on display at the National Gallery. The painting is thought to have been executed shortly after Van Gogh’s release from the hospital in Arles in 1889 (Wallace, 1969). According to the National Gallery (2007), Van Gogh was probably inspired by a Japanese woodcut reproduction sent to him by his brother Theo and was a subject Van Gogh repeated more than once. The world of the Impressionists was one in which all types of art forms were explored to discover the best means of rejecting the machines of the Industrial age and emphasizing the human emotional reaction to the natural forms and shapes discovered in the non-fabricated world. As a result of this wide mix of styles and approaches emerging in this time period, there was also a wide mix of dissension regarding what constituted ‘good’ art. Thrown into this discussion where the relative merits of Japanese art.

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The World of Van Gogh: 1853-1890.
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