The Wolf the story by Giovanni Verga.

Also, it will explore if any of the three main characters, Mother Pina, Nanni, or Maricchia bear any resemblance to some other important characters I have read so far.

There are beautiful examples of symbolism in the short story by Verga. For example, in the beginning of the story, Verga uses the words “fresh red lips” to symbolize the fiery nature of Pina. Those red lips are symbolic of the fact that she is a ferocious woman who would go to any length to satiate her never-ending appetite. They also symbolize her youth and energy which is so powerful that it can devour a person literally. Among many other men, this vigorous energy devours Father Angiolino who loses his soul because of her. It is said that she was always seen walking by herself in the village looking for something like some famished wolf. These words, “the famished wolf” are used to symbolize the hungry nature of Pina which motivates her to engage in a relentless search for someone or anyone. “The Wolf” is an allegory that uses a wild woman to describe how devastating uncontrollable lust can be. Pina in this story ventures out for hunt when other good women stay at home. This lust destroys her daughter’s home and drives Nanni, Pina’s love interest, mad. The wolf represents the wild nature which destroys everything that comes in its way. Realism is the way things are kept real or practical instead of making them appear pretty to the audience or readers. For example, Nanni, the young soldier, is described as a very careless person with greasy and filthy hair. His body has a foul odor. These things about him are presented to readers as they are without any cushioning.

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The Wolf the story by Giovanni Verga.
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Maricchia’s character reminds me of Toshiko in “Swaddling Clothes.” This is because both women are oversensitive. Both are married to men with whom they do not get to spend a lot of time because of frustrating hurdles in the way.

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