The US versus Cuba Relations.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: The US versus Cuba Relations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Agriculture producers across the country and particularly in Lowa stand to benefits if steps to normalize the relations between these two countries yield fruits. Poultry farming, soybeans and corns business will prosper with the newly opened markets. Eventually, this move will improve trade and subsequent economic growth. Trade sanctions imposed by the US have restricted the exports of agricultural products since 2001 (Trento pp 1).

Ken Hartman, the president of Illinois corn growers welcomed the move of normalizing trade relations between the two countries. “This is very good news for Illinois soybeans farmers and businesses that use beans produced in these areas,” Growers chairman, Bill Raben.

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The rice farmers expressed similar sentiments about the possibility of a new trading partner. Elton Kennedy, one of the leaders of the largest rice farm, Morehouse hopes the congress makes speedy decisions in removing the embargo. Louisiana which ships food products to Cuba could reap enormous benefits if the move was affected. The owners of Caterpillar Inc expressed similar sentiments over the proposed move by the Obama administration (BBC News).

Peace and political goodwill will be revived. In case of emergencies, the two countries can rely on each other. This is especially the case for global problems as such terrorism, extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes among many other issues. In the past, the US had regarded badly Cuba listing it among the terrorist financiers. The relation was strained and it seemed like the spirit of the neighborhood was gone forever. With the historic move to restore good relations, there will be peace and political goodwill that will manifest in many forms such as assistance on issues of global warming, terrorism and security.

In his speech, Obama did not fail to recognize that the restrictions given by the US to Cuba were only affected by the US. Other states in Latin America had a different opinion on the matter and in most of the cases, they had called upon America to let in Cuba in their summit meetings. In some sense, America appeared repressive and this could have passed as a good excuse to those regimes that are using repressive system hindering economic development and human rights&nbsp.(BBC News).

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