The Three Ethical Perspectives

Relativism, Emotivism, and Ethical egoism al Affiliation) Relativism, Emotivism, and Ethical egoism Relativism is an ethical theory explaining that truth or moral values are not absolute but vary with individual cultures (Holmes 2009). These cultures consist of unique values and beliefs which bind individuals. They may be at the individual level or the group level. Morality and virtue are not observed in this theory because the set cultural beliefs are not acceptable in all communities.

Emotivism is a Meta ethical theory that suggests words uttered from an individual may not be necessarily true, but they express the speakers view and feelings. What the speaker says portrays his/her personal emotional attitudes and not the truth in the matter being discussed. Morality is hard to uphold in this situation due to personality conflicts.

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The Three Ethical Perspectives
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Ethical egoism explains that ethical agents refer to what satisfies an individual’s self-interest as morally right. It relates an individual’s ego having control in making decisions in order to satisfy any interests that may accrue to him/her (Holmes 2009). Moral characters and virtues tend to affect ethical egoism.

An issue in the community in relation to ethical egoism

There has been a dilemma in the community whether gay members in the society should be issued with their rights. According to ethical egoism, only members can understand the fight for gay rights. Activists claim that they are doing the right thing and since their self-interest is being gay, they find the action being morally right. However, anti-gay activists claim that it is not a matter of self-interest but a matter of relativism whereby members from that group can only support it. The groups are culturally bound by their beliefs. Ethical egoism can be used in this issue to understand the increased number of gay activists in the community at an individual perspective.


Holmes, Arthur, F. (2009). Ethics: Approaching Moral Decisions.

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