The third maddening buzz

Fear, disappointment, and disbelief filled my mind as I opened my tear filled, burning eyes.  Everything was a blur, as if it were surreal.  There was a massive amount of dust from the air bag, and smoke coming from under the hood of my car.  As I turn to my right, remembering Josh had been with me in the car, I begin to panic.

All that I can see is his head against the windshield.  I begin to shout his name as I shake his shoulder.  “Josh  Josh, are you okay?  Say something”   The weight of the world has just come crumbling down on me and from that moment on my life was changed forever.

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The third maddening buzz
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The third maddening buzz of my alarm woke me as I groggily slid out of bed, and into the shower.  It was the start of another routine morning, or so I thought.  I took a shower, and quarrelled with my sister over which clothes were mine to wear, and which were hers.  Luckily, it was Memorial Day, so we didn’t have school.  If it were a normal weekday, we would have surely been late.
My boyfriend Josh decided to stop by to see me after I was finished my grooming routine.  While sitting at the table with my parents, Josh informs us that his parents have invited us to a picnic at their house today.  We decided that we should bring something, perhaps a watermelon or cantaloupe.  Without missing a beat, my parents advise me that I need to go to the store to pick these up.
With music blasting and voices singing and talking, it was another typical ride to the store, only this time we didn’t make it very far.  We backed out of the driveway, after a white truck had passed.  I begin to speed up to the speed limit (25 miles per hour).  Josh is a neat freak, so as soon as we are on our way, he decides to round up the trash in my car.
After going about a quarter of a mile down the road, only three houses away from my house, the white truck begins to turn left into a driveway.  Not thinking anything of it, I slowed down to give him time to get out of my lane. When he was out of the way I hit the gas again.  Within the blink of any eye, the white truck had shifted into reverse and backed into my lane.  I slammed on the brakes, the tires squealed, but it was too late.
I opened my eyes, and gasped for air.  Fear filled my head. My eyes burned and stung.  It was hard for me to catch my breath.  The dust from my airbag was circulating within the car. In that very moment I kept saying to myself, “It was just a dream, I am still sleeping, you’ll wake up in a few minutes.”
As the dust settles, I begin to see that this is no dream.  I could see the white truck in front of my car, and slightly on top of my hood.  Smoke begins to fill the air from the engine in my car.  I start feeling pain in my right foot, shooting up my right leg.  My chest hurt, as if someone was stomping on it.  I feel as if my neck is on the verge of snapping off of my body. As I am beginning to notice all of my bodily injuries, I remember that Josh had been riding with me.

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