The Things They Carried: Tim O’Brien. 

One reader may consider it true, another- fiction. It is just as the coin flip and O’Brien is successful uniquely.

The writer’s belief that illusion and imagination are used to capture the attention of the reader creates actuality of the story. Using clear reality concept and use of fictional devices has the ability by distinguishing fictional writing truth and the understanding of enabling other readers to believe that fictional scenes existed. The creation of emotional attachment within fictional writing establishes the believability of the story’s truth (Patrick, 110). O Brien uses the concept of narration in creating an emotional attachment between the reader’s minds and his fictional tales. Story truth seems more real than happening truth.

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The Things They Carried: Tim O’Brien. 
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The use of the setting detail and emotional connection of characters to the war sight causes the reader to believe the truth of the emotions felt at that moment. The use of past memories of characters of the war sight leaves the impression on the reader of the sight existence. The reader believes she could travel to the particular sight as the character and stand where the war was fought (Tim, 135). The dialogue used creates emotions of uncertainty with the idea of a fictional sight of fighting war thus leaving the reader with belief that uncertainty as an emotion is real.

O Brien’s collection of stories help us carry Vietnam War burden as a collective past part. The personal experience of Obrien shows the role of fear shame in war motivation. O’ Brien flees into Canada due to dedication or patriotism to his country’s cause. This is the motivating factor for fighting in the war (Patrick, 152). The misguided group expectations are important to a specific character and the character’s uncertainty in regard to an action course.


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