The Target.

The soldier thinks what this boy’s parents would go through upon receiving the bad news of their son having been shot (Gloucestershire County Council, para.1).

The soldier is in a state of dilemma. He/she had to shoot that boy because that was what the job dictated, and it was not what the heart wanted. One can clearly note the way he starts to think about the action he had done. The soldier also explains that if he is caught responsible for shooting the boy, he/she will explain to the boy that he also felt pain when he shot him. It was not his will to take that action but he was forced to, so he was too feeling the pain even more than the pain that the boy was going through from the bullet in his body (Gloucestershire County Council, paras1-2).

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The Target.
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My personal response to this piece is to encourage the soldier to go on with defending his country and not to give up at the call of his job. The soldier should not get any haunting after he shoots someone during the war, as what he is doing is with good intentions. to defend his country. The enemies he/she is fighting with are not good people as their aim is to cause harm and destabilize that country. The actions of the enemies call for the soldiers to fight them, and this will include shooting those enemies as he works in the firing squad. The soldier should also feel any pain when he shoots because he is doing it for his self-defense. I f he failed to fire, he would be the one who would be shot, and this would have cost him his life (Gloucestershire County Council, paras.1-2).

The soldier should continue doing what his job requires him to do, which, in this case, is firing at the enemies with the aim of defending his country. 

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