The Survival of the Safest By: Robert J. Shiller Published

Article: The Survival of the SafestBy: Robert J. ShillerPublished: October 2, 2010Summary:This article brings to light how corporate managers are helping to increase the nation’s unemployment count while trying to keep their core employees happy and the morale high at their companies. The article explains that with the bad economy, management of many different companies are laying off large numbers of their workers so they do not have to lower the pay or cut the work hours for their core employees. The managers say that by reducing pay or cutting hours, it would lower the moral of their core workers which in turn would be worse for the company than laying off many of the other employees. The article also mentions that because of the layoffs, the remaining workers have to work harder to perform the jobs of the missing people and also the “survivors’ guilt” that the core employees feel because they still have a job while the others don’t. Analysis:This article demonstrates managers who are predicting and influencing the behavior of their employees. Managers, from prior experiences, must know that by cutting hours and reducing pay, causes their primary employees to become less motivated, therefore the managers are choosing a different strategy so the lack of morale does not happen (text, p. 12). Even though the managers are trying to prevent employee stress and frustration, they are causing their employees to be concerned in other ways. This article can also by analyzed by using the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Once employees are laid off, the remaining employees will start becoming concerned with their safety needs. They see that the company is struggling and wonder what kind of job security they actually have and whether they will be the next to get laid off (text, p. 31). Then there is also the stress of working harder to make up for the decrease in employees and the feeling of guilt/worry about former co-workers no longer being employed. I need a comment (verify solution) in 25-75 words from the response given above from the web address below.References:, Blanchard, Johnson. Management of Organizational Behavior, 9th Edition, CH1&2.Criteria:Response must add clarification, critical thinking, or additions to understanding. Statement like “I agree” or “You are correct” will receive no credit. Remember to focus upon our weekly organizational behavior topics like “motivation” and “management.”The above summary is the correct analysis of the article given. The article mainly states thepsychology of employess in case of layoffs and their various reactions as perceived by themanagement…

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The Survival of the Safest By: Robert J. Shiller Published
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