The Student Motor Company.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Student Motor Company. It needs to be at least 1500 words. In order to mitigate the competitive challenges The Student Motor Company invented a subcompact car i.e. Zinger. The normal preproduction testing along with the development of automobiles usually takes around forty-three months. However, the management team of the concerned company had consented for the production of the new car i.e. Zinger within two years. While test driving, the management had analyzed two vital faults within the car being manufactured. In this regard, it has been determined that the company used gasoline tank and the tank had been fixed in a way that a crash would create a puncture in the tank. Moreover, the design also entailed the risk of gasoline entering the driver’s chamber and any further ignite can lead to massive flames (Fall 1-4). Another fault as determined within the production of Zinger is the emission standard. It has been noted that it is the responsibility of the company to meet the emission standards before sale because after the sale it is the responsibility of the owner to abide by the emission standards. Zinger was launched in the market without considering the manufacturing defects. It has been further noted that the director of the company claimed that if the manufacturing department has involved standards to minimize the explosion risk then it would have raised the price of the product. Considering these aspects, it can be viewed that the company did not meet the ethical standard.

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