The strategic causes of the Korean war.

ere apprehensive that the country under the control of the Japanese would limit the movement of the American soldiers in the region but the concern ended there. The Soviet Union looked to Korea more with a strategic eye. At the end of the war here was a division of the Korean peninsula at the time and the Russians took hold of the north peninsula which was an industrial sector and at the same time the United States of America took possession of the south which was more based in agriculture. Then in the year 1949 the two countries withdrew their men out of the region and leaving behind the locals (Srivastava, 2010)2. The North had a strong manned army which was trained by the soviet. Whereas on the other hand the South Korean had a relatively weaker and reduced army. Later when the Stalin led government in the Communist Russia saw that they could challenge the United States with the help of their nuclear technology the North Korean tried to strengthen ties with the Russians but were rebuffed. To make matters worse, the American Secretary of State at the time, Acthinson, made a statement that the Korean region was close to the United States. This spurned the Russians to finally reply to the inclination of friendships being made by North Korea and even gave as acceptance of an attack on the south. However, the Russian government was given the impression by the authorities of North Korea that the war would last not more than a month. It has been stated that parties knew of the impending war that would occur but did not pay head to the warnings.

Before the withdrawal of the two nations from the peninsula, there was molding that both the Russians and the Americans did in their respective potion of Korea. It was brought to the attention of the Americans that the Russians were creating a model of the communist state in North Korea and were using the system of the region to hide their real intentions (Schnabel, 1992, p. 24)3. 

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