The Story of Google.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Story of Google. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Its popularity continues to grow to date as it surpassed Microsoft in 2007 as the most liked Website. Its influence on the World Wide Web is undeniable with practically every webmaster willing for their company to be listed on their SERPs since this translates to into increased traffic for their websites (Hamen 24). Google has acquired other companies on the internet such as YouTube on numerous blogging sites. For some time, Google’s search technology also powered Yahoo! Search, which was a rival, for close to four years before they designed their own search engine. This is a research paper on Google Inc.

Their influence does not stay limited to the web, with company executives announcing in 2007 that they intended to enter an auction by the FCC for the wireless spectrum in the 700MHz band that was earlier owned by analog TV broadcasters (Gilbert 65). This was aimed at fostering competition in the wireless service industry. They supported an approach of open technology to wireless service whereby clients could utilize any provider with their devices, rather than being limited by their provider’s choices and preferred vendors. While they did not win the bid, the company that did, Verizon, must now allow open technology, just as Google envisioned.

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­ Google, as a search engine is a powerful tool that ensures the retrieval of information searched during a browsing session. Like all other search engines, it uses a special algorithm in order to generate results for a search. While they do share the general facts surrounding their algorithms, the company keeps the specifics a closely guarded secret. This is a help to their competitive strategy and reduces the probability that someone could abuse their system for personal gain.

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