The stigmatization of people with mental illnesses.

For patients with eating disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction, there was a large response that the conditions are self-inflicted by the patients. Hence limiting the help and understanding that can be provided by the community at large (Crisp, Gelder, Rix, Meltzer, & Rowlands, 2000).

The three mentioned mental disorders that include schizophrenia, alcoholism and drug addiction are termed as the most unpredictable and dangerous people to be around with. The information is gained directly from the respondents who interact with these patients. From the knowledge gained in class on the behavioral characteristics of people suffering from this conditions, supports the opinion. At times, people addicted with drugs when high in drugs make impaired judgment hence sometimes turning violent. The same case applies to the schizophrenic patients who have that bizarre behavior. People with eating disorders are termed as to self-inflict themselves, however, from class lessons most of the conditions associated with eating are affected centrally from the different body’s physiological changes. Therefore, the idea that the eating disorder patients have control over their actions is not always true. Dementia is the degenerative disorder that is irreversible. people with this condition are harmless though difficult to talk about. The study reaffirms the fact that this condition is irreversible.

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The stigmatization of people with mental illnesses.
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With social stigmatization, mentally ill patients receive social isolation hence denied a chance to fill the suffering experience in their day-to-day life. The article reaffirms the fact that mentally ill patients are faced with much stigma in the society. The percentages show that there are wide ranges of stigmatizing opinions that are tagged to each disorder.

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