The Status of Social Interaction

I will pay for the following article The Status of Social Interaction. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. He was fairly accurate in predicting the future of human communication, which is ICTs isolate people hence lessening real social interaction. &nbsp.

Sensory isolation has been the concern of several research studies demonstrating that people started to have delusions after just a short exposure in a sensory isolation realm that eliminates stimulation from seeing, hearing, and touching (Norton & Brenders 1996). It has been assumed that the delusion is the individual’s effort to give self-stimulation: a kind of communication (Dutton & Peltu 1996). Hence people may be thinking how a person could be exposed to sensory isolation at the same time being barraged with communication from a diversity of communications devices (Strange & Bashford 2003). People have the need to be ‘connected’ mentally with other individuals (Berger & Burgoon 1995). Human beings are inherently social beings. Centuries ago this particular need was motivated by survival.

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The Status of Social Interaction
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Individuals from a group simply to survive, regardless if it was for food gathering or battling other groups. Certainly, this need has turned out to be innate within every human being of contemporary society (Ellison 2004). Individuals have a profound need to be valued by others and to fulfill a function within human communication. Besides the need to be mentally ‘connected’, individuals have a need to be bodily ‘in touch’ with other people (Ellison 2004). Physicians will suggest that skin has numerous physical duties. It aids in the regulation of temperature. It is the shelter of nerves and blood vessels. Furthermore, it aids in protecting our fluids and vital organs. ‘Touch’ is comforting, warm, and it has an arousing sensual feature (Schroeder 1996). From a psychological perspective, physically connecting with another individual is an indication that we need to get in touch with other people (Bucy & Newhagen 2004). It shows the mutually reliant characteristics of humans needing one another.

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