The Star Spangled Banner


The paper is almost done, I need you reflect the knowledge you learn in the pictures and fix the paper according to the guidelines. I attached a chapter, the paper and some pictures.

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The Star Spangled Banner
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First assignment

Listen to three performances of “The Star Spangled Banner” from the Module 2 playlist found here, emphasizing different elements of music in each recording. Record your impressions of these performances on the discussion board, and describe the performance venue that would be appropriate for each.

Second assignment

Apply your knowledge of musical elements by choosing a piece of music that is not included on the Module 2 playlist that you think is a good example of one or two musical elements studied in this module. Post a link to your piece on the discussion board and describe to your classmates which element(s) it illustrates and why you think it is such a good example.

The first assignment can be about 500 words. The second assignment can be in MLA format about 800 words.

Elements of music include: melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, forms, dynamic, and texture.

Rubric Criteria

Exemplary 20 points 20 %

Adequate 18 points 18 %

Needs Improvement 16 points 16 %

Does Not Meet Criteria Adequately 14 points 14 %

No Student Submission 0 points 0 %

Criterion Score

Support of Module’s Reading, assigned video, or audio example

Provides concrete examples from the readings or assigned video or audio to support postings.Integrates prior readings in postings 

Integrates personal observations and knowledge in an accurate and highly insightful way.Presents new observations

Posts are organized and information is presented in a logical sequence 

Includes 2 or more outside examples to support and enrich the discussion with excellent integration with the topic

I would recommend you see the videos from the pictures I attached, I will attached the rest of the picture when the question is assigned.

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