The social issue of homelessness

Most people have little sympathy for homeless people because they believe that these individuals deliberately choose to adopt this option so that they can scrounge off the sympathy and assistance of kindly folk. But as was pointed out in the BBC news item cited above, homelessness is like a vicious cycle because it creates its own set of problems. The failure to be able to demonstrate the existence of a permanent address means that such individuals are also not able to get jobs to earn money for themselves, which in turn, only leads to a higher incidence of homelessness.&nbsp. Although the Government houses these homeless people in temporary shelters and hostels, there are problems of drugs and abuse at the hostels which make these places unsafe for young girls. as also cited in the article, one girl moved out on to the streets because she was abused at home and the hostels were not a safe place for her. At age 17, she was too old for housing through Social services and in view of the dangers in the hostels, had no other option but to move out into the streets. (, 2001).

Homelessness is thus, an acute social problem that worsens during the bitter cold of the winter months, where people who are homeless are exposed to the brutal cold. In the wake of the recession, the threat of homelessness has become even more real to most people because of the difficulties in keeping up with mortgage payments, which could cause repossession of their homes. The Salvation Army is a charitable organization and its branches in the UK&nbsp. are doing a great deal to help society cope with the problem of homelessness in Britain.&nbsp. The guiding principle that guides the activities of this organization all over the United Kingdom and the world is that every person is valuable and no individual should have to suffer or be stigmatized because of who they are or where they live.&nbsp. The belief in people is, therefore, the overriding vision of the Salvation Army and this belief is reflected in all of its activities and all of its people.

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The social issue of homelessness
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