The service organization of names laundry & cleaning services.

Name’s Laundry & Cleaning Services will require a site cleaning manager, who will manage the whole business. The business will need a total of nine individuals, with one being the site laundry and cleaning manager, one supervisor and, six laundries and cleaning staff and one accountant.

Site Laundry Cleaning Manager-Job Description

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 The service organization of names laundry & cleaning services.
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The Site Cleaning Mangier will be responsible for overseeing the cleaning of the client’s clothes. The responsibility of the manager includes ensuring that all the customer orders for laundry and/or cleaning have been processed according to the set schedule. The cleaning manager, with the assistance of the supervisors, is also responsible for ensuring that the laundry or the other items received by the business for cleaning have been delivered back to the clients within the scheduled and agreed time. It is the overall responsibility of the cleaning manager to ensure that all the laundry and other client cleaning items such as carpets, doormats, curtains and client’s houses are delivered at the highest standard of cleanliness. The laundry and cleaning services for the customer’s clothing and other items run for 6-days a week, running from Monday to Saturday, and the Site cleaning manager should be responsible to ensure that the operations of the business during the 6 days are satisfactory to the customers.

The main duties of the Site Cleaning Manager include:

-Recruiting and interviewing the supervisors, the laundry and the cleaning staff based on the labor needs of the business. The manager is also responsible for maintaining the records of the employees and taking care of their workplace needs and issues.

-Induct new workers on their job roles and responsibilities, while also training them on their daily duties and schedule accomplishment.

-Overseeing all the cleaning activities at the business cleaning site, which include the laundry services for the client’s clothing, uniforms, and other work or domestic related wears for customers.

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