The Safety of Building at Oklahoma State University.

The building has 4 stories inclusive of a basement, with an “I” shape with the longest part spanning from East to West with 6 doors providing an exit for the people. The building can be accessed by the fire department via Hester Street.

Engineering South’s basement is mainly utilized for storage of maintenance equipment. There are also rooms in the basement that are used as offices whereas others cannot adequately tell their use since they are always under lock and key. Going by the number of rooms available in the basement, it is quite clear that only about 17 workers can be accommodated at any given time. The floor, as well as basement walls, are all made of concrete.

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The Engineering South building’s first floor is a mixture of offices, a computer lab, a research lab for the environment and classrooms. The walls are made of tile with carpeted floors and a gypsum board that is halfway up. At any given time, the first floor can hold up to about 70 people based on the number of rooms available. In addition, the fire load is made up of plastics and woods form the desks, the lab and the offices, with the assumption that the environmental lab does not contain any machinery equipment. The trim being less than 10% of the wall will not necessarily contribute to the fire load.

This floor is almost like the first floor, especially as regards the fire load and the approximate number of people that can occupy it. Nevertheless, it lacks an environmental lab but has offices and classrooms.

The third floor is similar to the second floor save for bigger and more classrooms having chalk and whiteboards. Consequently, it differs from the second floor in terms of individuals who can occupy it at any given time. which approximately is 100 persons.

This floor is almost the same as the third floor. In this case, the floors of the hallway, offices and classrooms are all carpeted. The walls being of gypsum board halfway up will not in any way contribute to the fire load, as&nbsp.discussed earlier on.

3. Structural Fire Protection


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