The role of tourism in development (economic environmental.

Complete 20 pages APA formatted article: The role of tourism in development (economic environmental. It is further divided into different section headings and focusing on all the factors that play their role in the development of tourism in the country.

The main focus of this research is on the study of the role of tourism in the development of the country, on the economic, social, environmental and culture aspects of the countries that are both developed and under developed. Research is a term that is used in our everyday life but every research needs some strong substance data to support itself Research is considered to be systematic way of collecting data and then conducting its analysis and giving conclusion and recommendations based on the findings (Thornhill et al 2007). Why this writer mention two times?

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The role of tourism in development (economic environmental.
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Basic research has its main focus towards the expansion of the knowledge processes of businesses while the applied research has its focus towards understanding a particular problem well of the business or any management. This research is more inclined towards both the elements of basic research and applied as it involves in gaining insight of the issue and then understanding its implications and developments.

The main questions that need to be answered while in the development of its strategy is whether the research is having an exploratory nature, a descriptive nature or an explanatory nature. The exploratory research is useful if the problem identified needs a clarified understanding of the (Thornhill et al 2007). The studies of the descriptive nature require the accurate profiles of the people or events for the causal relationship to be developed between the various variables

This research attempts to investigate the role of the development of tourism in the developed and under developed countries and what impact it gives on the economical, environmental, social and cultural impacts on the country. Therefore, exploratory research is applied and also some elements of descriptive research also exist.

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